Legal+ is your partner for your commercial business relations in Germany

Contracts not only secure you, but also generate and secure commercial advantages for you. Our Litigation specialization ensures these advantages in the event of a dispute. Use legal advice with an entrepreneurial mindset for your company.


We support you in drafting and negotiating contracts with your German business partners:

Legal+ is specialised in international trade law and has many years of experience in international contract law. LEGAL+ is thereby focused on generating direct economic advantages for you in contract law. In contrast to the observed more than 98 % of the usual law firms, in our cooperation you will receive a direct, calculable “return on investment” for the legal services.

“Just in case”, if a dispute cannot be settled amicably, you benefit from our particular specialisation and experience in litigation:

Unfortunately, despite the best possible construction of contracts, later differences of opinion in the execution of the contract are not always avoidable. Even the best contract management and the greatest efforts to find an amicable solution sometimes fail to produce the necessary results and a legal dispute may arise before German courts.

LEGAL+ is one of the very few law firms in Germany specialising in litigation and has many years of experience in representing international clients in legal disputes before German courts. The founder of the law firm, Lawyer Meier-Greve, has been focusing on the activity as a litigator from the beginning of his career as a lawyer, which has now spanned more than 15 years. Today he is a litigator “to the core”. Due to his more than 10 years of experience in international law firms, he is a litigator with special expertise in cross-border matters. He knows the mentality of clients of other legal systems.

At LEGAL+, your case is always a “matter for the boss” and a personal matter in contrast to larger law firms!

That is why Lawyer Meier-Greve examines every potential mandate for compatibility with the LEGAL+ law firm philosophy – this ensures you a personal, efficient and successful entrepreneurial partnership!

In the following, you will receive comprehensive information about what you can expect from LEGAL+ as your legal partner for your business relations in terms of commercial law in Germany.

Our services in detail

Contract law with potential

 Observations show that more than 98 % of all lawyers think in a problem-oriented way. This leads to the fact that most lawyers do not recognise and do not use entrepreneurial potential for you in the conception and analysis of contracts. Many entrepreneurs therefore try to do without “annoying” legal advice on contracts, because when thinking in a problem-oriented way, lawyers only cause costs and are no investments!

Do it differently!

Because with a lawyer who works in a potential-oriented way, a contract is ideal to place here already relevant factors for customer loyalty, reference naming, marketing and sales increases. LEGAL+ not only identifies potential pitfalls for you, but also economic potentials that clearly pay off. This means you do not have lawyer’s fees, but a legal investment! Use an entrepreneurially thinking, internationally experienced lawyer at your side for your company!

LEGAL+ offers your company complete coverage in contractual legal advice:

New conception

  • Joint potential analysis for your company’s individual goals
  • Potential and risk analysis
  • Formulation of contracts
  • Contract negotiations
  • Preparation for negotiations
  • Negotiation training
  • Negotiation support

Contract analysis

  • Analysis of your existing contracts for business potential
  • Analysis of ongoing contract negotiations from a different perspective
  • Preparation for negotiations
  • Negotiation training
  • Negotiation support
  • Renegotiation support / renegotiation strategy
  • Renegotiation training

Internationally experienced

Internationally experienced and specialised litigation

Even the best contract management and the greatest efforts to find an amicable solution sometimes fail to produce the required results and there is a court trial. In these cases, a lawyer with real specialisation and valid experience in litigation can be crucial for your success!

Litigation is an underestimated area of legal practice in Germany within the guild of lawyers. In practice, this has led to the fact that litigation is regularly conducted only “on the side”. This must come as a surprise, as the so-called party maxim applies in German civil proceedings. According to this maxim, a lawyer must structure the court proceedings in a way that is in line with the interests of the parties. The judge, who is appointed to decide on “the law”, does – to put it simply – only what the parties tell him. It can sometimes be of decisive importance to introduce or not introduce a seemingly tiny aspect into the proceedings, to ask or not ask a witness a certain question.

“The final touch” often decides the outcome of a case!

Right from the beginning of his career, Lawyer Meier-Greve has specialised in litigation in an international environment and has not treated it only as an “accessory” as most other lawyers do. This saves your time and monetary resources in case of a lawsuit! LEGAL+ develops an efficient and transparent strategy for you and represents you in all procedural matters!

LEGAL+ offers your company all services in the area of litigation in Germany:

LEGAL+ offers your company all services in the area of litigation in Germany:

  • Support with contract formulation and negotiations
  • Review of litigation risks 

Representation in court and arbitration proceedings in Germany

  • Weighing the opportunities and risk assessment in the run-up to a trial
  • Representation before all German courts and arbitration courts

Enforcement of judgements and other executory titles in Germany

  • Enforcement of foreign judgements in Germany
  • Preparation of and application for special preservation and enforcement measures

Further litigation services for our international clients

  • Carrying out enquiries
  • Strategy setup and support
  • Communication consulting
  • Trial observation and process monitoring

Interview with the law firm owner Mr. Meier-Greve

Mr Meier-Greve, can working as a lawyer be a passion?

In my opinion, it even has to be! Contract law in particular requires passionate attention to detail, a new understanding of business and even entire industries as well as constantly staying mentally active in order to be able to see all formulations from different angles. Recognising challenges in contracts and making use of potential is analytical perfection – and that requires passion.

Can working as a litigator be !in your blood“?

Already my grandfather, a respected judge, gave me a sense of law and justice – and both have become important values in my life, from my early childhood – from kindergarten to today in the courtroom. For me, procedural law means to stand up for the justice of my clients with complete conviction. This includes an innate instinct and perseverance to go into every fight with maximum commitment!

Can the “battle with the paragraphs” be easy?

It is my job to make it easy for you! I use my experience to ensure that you simply understand the background of your case without being caught up in bureaucratic procedures. My reaction times are fast, my working methods are transparent and my communication is efficient. This ensures your success and protects you from unnecessary expenses at the same time.

Can competence be seen?

Yes! In my curriculum vitae and in my specialisation!

For more than 10 years, I had been working in specialised management positions in outstandingly renowned international law firms and had been able to gain comprehensive knowledge, a large network and a lot of experience. My passion had already been awarded “distinction” in both examinations at university.

My past is your future and my specialisation your strength!


Your LEGAL+ advantages at a glance

  • Profound legal expertise in combination with an entrepreneurial mindset for your company
  • Proven experience from the first negotiation to the trial
  • Specialisation in litigation, rarely found on the legal market
  • More than 10 years of comprehensive, in-depth experience from large international law firms in various management positions
  • Customised solutions by an independent law firm
  • Nationally and internationally active networking with colleagues from almost all areas of business law, who can be efficiently involved if required in a targeted and customised manner
  • Lower costs, maximum passion: your potential of direct client service by an experienced law firm owner
  • ONE lawyer as constant contact person and responsible person
  • Personal 24-hour support for my selected clients

We are looking forward to your enquiry!


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